What Happens When You Give A Plasma Ball 1.2 Million Volts

Have you ever wondered what would happen if those little rays of plasma inside the plasma ball somehow got out? Here is a quick video showcasing the effects of someone who overclocked their Plasma Ball to over 1,000,000 Volts of electricity!

Please note this can be very dangerous.

As you can see from the video, the effects are quite fascinating to watch. Am I the only one who expected the glass to melt and the base to explode? I guess when it comes to electricity and science, you never really know until you try.

What We Can Learn From Plasma

This is a great lesson to learn for anyone who wants to be an aspiring electronic or plasma researcher, because it showcases how plasma conducts in the air and travels through the tinfoil out into the open. Basically, the way a plasma ball works is it has tons of ionized gasses compressed inside a globe. Therefore Plasma balls are the perfect way to demonstrate the power of electrons as you can visually see the electric particles in motion. However the semi-conductor inside the regular plasma ball is way less than 1 million volts.

Example of ionized plasma ball gas

Innately plasma actually has a ton of propulsion, it is being used in many different industries. By understanding the core fundamentals of physics,  so many discoveries can be made! Just last year they figured out how to use plasma booster rockets to travel faster in outer space!

As the 4th stage of matter, it is important to know that Plasma has very peculiar properties. If you look closely inside the overclocked plasma ball, you will realize that the plasma itself never actually leaves the globe.

This is because there is actually a special combination of gasses contained inside of the glass sphere. These gasses are what defines the bright orange, red and pink colours that we see when the plasma ball is turned on.

So what you are actually seeing when the voltage is turned up so high, is that the plasma is conducting out and trying to flow through the air to reach earth, where the current is zero. Instead it is actually flying through the air, because of the water vapor.

This is one of those really cool phenomenons, a really rare experience. As most people will never get to see Plasma get sparked up so high that it nearly explodes.